Your Candidate for Worcester Supervisor

My name is Christine Steere and I am running for Worcester Supervisor. I am a practicing attorney who represents municipalities and private employers across Pennsylvania. Because of my background, I understand the challenges that towns like Worcester face and I will be an effective Supervisor on Day One.

You expect local government to work for you, your loved ones, and our community –  to be transparent, to make fact-based decisions, and to be accountable for results. For too long, our Board of Supervisors has failed to serve residents in an open and responsive manner. If elected, I will push the current board to engage in thoughtful, careful, deliberate progress toward practical solutions to Worcester’s challenges. That will be my responsibility and commitment to our community as your Worcester Supervisor.

Vote for me Tuesday, November 7th!

Worcester deserves leadership committed to ensuring that Township ordinances and zoning promote responsible land management and preservation of green spaces and rural character.

Worcester deserves leadership committed to keeping its residents aware and engaged with transparent, open communication about the work being done on their behalf.

Worcester deserves leadership committed to connecting residents through increased opportunities for involvement, interaction and engagement.

Preservation. Transparency. Community.

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Jenna Tress

Candidate for Auditor

Jenna Tress, Clinical Operations Senior Director at a Biotech firm,  is running for Auditor in Worcester Township.